Mandalas Geo

Below you will find Mandalas for adults, of course they are also fun for children! Did you also know that when you color you use your right hemisphere of the brain? This is the creative part of the brain. Coloring is healthy!

That is why there are special mandalas designed for adults, so adults can also color!

Print one of the mandalas below and give it a try!

These coloring pages all have a GEO shape.

Mandalas Geo 1Mandalas Geo 2Mandalas Geo 3Mandalas Geo 4Mandalas Geo 5Mandalas Geo 6Mandalas Geo 7Mandalas Geo 8Mandalas Geo 9Mandalas Geo 10Mandalas Geo 11Mandalas Geo 12Mandalas Geo 13Mandalas Geo 14Mandalas Geo 15Mandalas Geo 16Mandalas Geo 17Mandalas Geo 18Mandalas Geo 19Mandalas Geo 20Mandalas Geo 21Mandalas Geo 22Mandalas Geo 23Mandalas Geo 24Mandalas Geo 25Mandalas Geo 26Mandalas Geo 27Mandalas Geo 28Mandalas Geo 29Mandalas Geo 30Mandalas Geo 31Mandalas Geo 32Mandalas Geo 33Mandalas Geo 34Mandalas Geo 35

Do you know that

Connecting the dots drawings also fall under coloring pages? You first have to connect the dots and then you can color them! Super fun check them out quickly on our Connecting Points Coloring Page!